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    le faire non, mais tu peux rechercher dans google sur "Muse multiple choice widget" et voir ce qui pourrait te convenir en l'adaptant à ton besoin spécifique.

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  • 06/23/17--00:56: Re: syntax error
  • yes, same situation happened on other characters that provided by adobe.

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    Ta vidéo est-elle en taux d'image variable comme le suppose Bob?

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    Sorry to hear the inconvenience caused to you.

    Can you confirm how did you do the conversion? Was it through the Adobe Reader desktop application or online via ?

    • If it was done online, then you can check the "Exported File" as shown below-

    Also, The exported file goes to the download folder (depending on which web browser you have used)


    Let us know if it still doesn't work.




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    I am a graphic designer who works from Syria,  I use adobe illustrator to do my job (you know.. there is no designer without illustrator).

    here in Syria you don't have an original version of Adobe products and internet payment is not available too.

    how can I use Illustrator in this case?

    what I have to do to use adobe illustrator?

    if it is unavailable in Syria or there is no solution to pay for it here, is it a problem for Adobe if I get illustrator from any place here in Damascus or internet?

    I wish I was able to give you my idea.

    sorry for my bad English

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    クレジットカード情報の更新方法 (Creative Cloud メンバーシップまたはサブスクリプション)

    ※ デビッドカードはお使いいただけません。





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  • 06/23/17--01:01: Powiększenie zdjęcia
  • Witam, czy da się powiększyc zdjęcie jeżeli je ściągne na komputer. Bo ściągając zdjęcie jest ono małego formatu, a ja potrzebuje aż 6 metrowego zdjęcia bardzo wysokiej jakości. Ściągając zdjęcie ma ono jedynie 30cm.

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    Hi Silly-V


    I use a snippet pretty similar to yours. The logic is the same and I never got any issues so far.

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    Actually, I've seen that it's happening when I press alt+space. And as I use alt for zooming and space for moving, I alternate very oftenly between the two and sometimes I press them both.


    What it does is it opens the contextual menu of the application (it does this also in the other Adobe softwares, I think). And this messes up the behavior of the mouse.

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    This is for creating a Math worksheet of arithmetic sequences.


    Names of the fields are Tag1, Tag2... Tag40.


    I have tried used this javascript


    for (var i=1; i++; i<=100) {

        this.getField("Tag"+i).value = event.value=="" ? "" : Number(event.value)+(i*5);



    but for some reason it always misses out the second number in the sequence


    Can anyone point out the error or suggest another (simple) script ?

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    Hi Anthonya65465361,


    As you said that the only Document Cloud storage is not opening, so could you check couple of things as suggested below and see if that works?

    • Check the preferences settings of the application Go to Edit>Preferences>General. Check"Online storage when opening files"

    If that is checked, then temporary disable if any internet security software you have installed.


    Let us know the update on this.




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    Hi there, the Internet,


    I have this problem:

    I want to use the overlay option, however, this is not available?

    Why and how do I make it available again?


    Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 7.11.20 pm.png

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    PS: I'm working on a mac with CS photoshop 15.5

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    The OP's question was November 2016.

    Does BUKEMAN have the same problem?


    The answer might be to disable the GPU option:  Edit>>Preference>>Performance>>Uncheck "Use Graphics Processor"

    If the Preferences cannot be opened from Lightroom (the Library not loading), modify it 'manually'.

    Read Post#3 here-

    when entering preferences lightroom CC2015 crashes with LoadLibrary failed with error 1114

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    I made a plug-in that will allow you to run most of the 32 bit plugins inside 64 bit photoshop. It is called plugin bridge.

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    Voilà de quoi t'intéresser également et il suffit de lire les nouveautés (oui parfois c'est encore en anglais mais même moi je fais l'effort si j'en ai besoin!)

    Create and edit titles in Premiere Pro | Adobe Premiere Pro CC tutorials

    Aide d’Adobe Premiere Pro | Panneau Objets graphiques essentiels

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  • 06/24/17--00:30: Re: Responsive Text Box
  • I have still problems with responsive text after i have changes the font to system font:

    And how coms I can't sett the text (now svg i guess) to responsive?Skjermbilde 2017-06-24 09.25.34.png

    Skjermbilde 2017-06-24 09.27.56.png

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    Work in RGB color mode, if you've already converted to CMYK, go back to the original images and create again. The reason your images are dark is probably your screen is too bright. Best to calibrate your monitor.

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  • 06/24/17--00:28: Re: syntax error
  • i am using laptop to open the software. here you go. (add hard disk info: 256gb SSD)error report2.jpg

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